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April 29th 1992 ft. Dre Day




Music Video by Certain DaZe performing April 29th, 1992. Music Download Available at: Website: Music Credits: Song written by Sublime Recorded by Andre Rodriguez Mixed by Patrick Moynihan @ Waveform Audio Mastered by Vlado Meller

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Website: April 29th Rap Lyrics by Dre Day I'm angry, I'm fed up Its a set up, why they hate me? Do they fear what they don't know Or is there hate deep in their soul?! Is this a game they get they jollies from?! "I swear I thought he had a gun." (cop) Bang! Shot! - That's why we run. Excessive force, I'm not the one... to fuckin' play with. Excuse my language, I'm anguished My pain extends into anger So I'm lashing out, letting flames up! Fucking killers who paint us as drug dealers and villains, my feelings fill up until I'm reeling with realness Hands up! Don't Shoot!! I can't breathe! - "Don't Move!" they didn't listen, so now we out here going postal because we're tired of oppression tired of class-ism and laws they use as a weapon to keep us down, so neglected fucking cowards, abusing power the final hour devours ours so it's only right that we fight back strike matches and light that because we can't get no peace! so now we out here looting for necessities but fuck it! well I'm out here.... I might as well get me a PC, a T.V. and a pair of these, these 2-3s and don't forget all your finest liquor please! they say, "nigga please" you see they killed an unarmed man in cold blood then look at us like we the thugs because we looting in the day and I'm not saying two wrongs make a right but nothing has changed and we know in numbers there is strength so give us justice give us freedom feel my rage (rise from the rubble the struggle is so real)

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