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TheFreewheelers-Karaoke Singer

Album: Live at the Allicht






Original FW song, inspired by the Spanish reality....

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This here is the story of the karaoke dude he's taking all the gigs from me and you and you Has his MP3, singing songs out of tune His lights are so fantastic, they shine up to the moon He tells you that he's nice, and gives you broken buys And stabs you in the back, not once, but even twice He ain't worth the time of day, with his stories and his lies He's the karaoke singer, don't buy his alibies. CHORUS: He's the karaoke singer, watch out for this man The karaoke singer, he'll break up your band He ain't nothin' but a thief, stealing gigs from you and me Let's kick the karaoke dude from here to Tennessee. Then he stole the axe man from a real musican's band Offered axe man cash to play karaoke trash Axe-man said it's money, I got to go with him Please don't hate me, I'll play with you again. One day all the pickers got together for a jam Before they got much sicker, grabbed the mic from his hand We ain't taking this no more we've taken all your crap Get your MP3, buddy, there's the door, and don't come back!

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