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This song, "Observer", explores many different genres, from hardcore, death metal and progressive rock. It really is a testament that we are, as a band, the sum of our influences. Lyrically, this song dives into the hypothesis of the simulation argument, and views the world from both within and outside of the simulation.

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Annotations of coming events Expecting results to comprehend (Of a future yet to be told) Research of the human mind is prone To elevate our intellection Commence procedure Analyzing the augmentation of my own kind Everyday just watching, waiting My task: To analyze your everyday life Writing down all deviations I find Watching, waiting to find the ones that grow collective consciousness Watching, waiting, to find Process data to file Information for life A neverending repeat for the cause Purpose: Classified Long ago we tried to define what a simulation of life would be like Now with technological enhancements of time Our study shows us there’s more to expect from mankind Annotations of virtual life Posthuman obsession feeds our correlation All of this repeating makes me feel like a constant device. Eyes of an open mind I’m on the outside looking for you Eyes of an open mind I’m on the outside looking at time Silence grows

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