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You Don't Know Me


Alt. Rock


You Don't Know Me written and performed by Nikki Spears Nathan McClellan on lead guitar Bill Dassler on drums Jon on bass

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I have been outside all my life I had trusted you with all my sacrafice I thought I knew you look what I found out sooner or later the truth it gets out I have known this place all my life it is up to me if I want to run and hide I will stand up and fight you 'til the truth is out your masquerade only last 'til your makup fades chorus you don't know me why do you want to mess with my life you turned your back on me when I was down you don't know me so why do you sit there and judge my life you say you love me but your willing to take your own life I have known this pain all my life it is my belief i'm gonna win i'm gonna strive I thought I knew you hey you ain't worth my time sooner or later you life will take a dive repeat chorus out

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