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TANADRA - Release You - Short Film/Music Video


Alt. Rock


We created a Short Film style music video bring the audience into the story, emotion and song of 'Release You'. Dark, revealing, and if you allow the story deep into your mind, relatable. Please comment and share. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to watch and share.

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Darkness Surrounds my eyes. Sick of all your lies. Darkness consumes my soul. Like a darkened black hole. I'll just let go. Holding on will lead to my own death. A choice made without respect. Without respect. Just let go. Let Go I looked at what could have been, this after life of sin. With the devil's kin. It's just not a a place for me. Set me free. Just let go. Let go. All these demons in my head. Let go, I'm better off falling on my own. Free my soul. Even when you know a shattered dream cannot be fixed. We share a lost hope in a place that can't exist. As it's foretold, the will could be, your worst enemy. I release you from releasing me. I release you from releasing me. I release you from releasing me. Just let go. Let go. Release you release me. Let go. Release you, release me. I release you from.....

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