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Bare Bones

Album: Show 'em Who's Voss
J.J. Voss






A song about getting in over one's head in debt...... Stripping it down and getting out.

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BARE BONES Livin’ in a condo uptown Parkin’ my Jag in the underground Truth be told, all I really own Is the ball point pen that signed the loans I been waking up shakin’ in a silent scream From flyin’ too high on a platinum dream This ain’t no way to live Somethin’s gotta give (chorus) Bare bones--bare bones Gotta break it down to bare bones Time to split this scene and get lean And head on home Bare bones—bare bones I’ve been livin’ on fat too long Gonna get on track and get back To where I belong And strip it down to Bare bones Heard a wise man say less is more So I’m headin’ on back to where I was before I won’t own everything that money can buy But I’ll look the whole world in the eye I”ll know who I am and I’ll be satisfied When I’m all hung loose and simplified Gonna trade in all my greed For what I really need (chorus) © 2010 J.J. Voss/Tim Taylor

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